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Crown Lengthening

Sometimes gum tissue does not fall away completely from your teeth as they erupt making teeth appear shorter than they actually are.  This procedure removes the excess tissue to expose the full length of your teeth with beautiful results!



A veneer is a permanent restoration procedure performed on front teeth to improve the way they look.  The procedure is less invasive than a crown or cap. They are made of a ceramic material and are permanently cemented onto the front of the teeth.


Braces can be done on children and adults.  Braces align crooked teeth and correct the way the teeth come together when you bite down.  Here are a few examples.































Tooth Damage from Accidents

Damaged and broken teeth can be repaired in a variety of ways, depending on how much damage has occured.  Below is an example of a fixed bridge that was used to replace a tooth that was too badly broken to repair any other way.

Crowns or Caps

A crown or a cap is a permanent restoration we use when a tooth is badly broken down or has a large existing filling that needs to be replaced.  They are also used when teeth are cracked and need to be surrounded to keep from cracking worse or breaking.  Crowns are completed in 2 separate appointments about 2 weeks apart.  The first appoinment consists of preparing the tooth, taking an impression for the lab to fabricate the crown, and making a temporary crown.  The second appointment you will have the permanent crown adjusted and cemented in.  Below is an example of a tooth with a large silver filling that had new cavity around it.  It was replaced with a crown.


Composite Fillings

A composite filling is a type of filling we use on most back teeth.  Composite fillings allow us to bond to tooth structure to help strengthen a broken down tooth.  Below is an example.  The first picture is of an old silver filling that has cavity around it.  The center picture is what the tooth looks like after the old silver filling and cavity is removed.  The last picture shows the new composite filling.